Acne Treatment in Teens

Acne Treatment in Teens

As your child turns into a teen, they’ll start going through puberty and may notice multiple changes happening throughout their body. One thing that these hormones may start causing is acne. Acne can affect people at any age but is something most teens tend to really struggle with. Dr. Patricia McCormack has offices in Staten Island, NY, and Linden and Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and can help your teen with all of their pediatric dermatology needs.

Treating Acne in Your Teen

As your teen develops and gets older, hormones can cause acne to affect their skin and may affect their self-confidence. Your dermatologist in Staten Island, NY, and Linden and Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, can help with your pediatric dermatology needs and can help your child achieve clear and healthy skin!

It’s important to help your teen start a proper skincare routine, especially if they have a very active lifestyle. It’s important to wash their skin twice a day, especially after they’ve been sweating and if they’ve been touching their face all day. You should also be sure to remind your teen to avoid popping and scratching at their acne to avoid scarring and be sure that they apply sunscreen every time they are planning on going outside during the day.

Your child’s dermatologist may also recommend certain medications to help with severe acne that they may deal with. This will help keep your teen’s skin clear and can help them feel comfortable in their skin as they grow up.

Contact Your Dermatologist Today!

Help your teen achieve clear skin today! Contact Dr. Patricia McCormack at one of her three offices in Staten Island, NY, Linden, NJ, and Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, to learn about how pediatric dermatology can help your teen feel comfortable in their skin! Call (718) 698-1616 for the office in Staten Island, NY, (908) 925-8877 for the office in Linden, NJ, and (732) 295-1331 for the office in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

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