FAQs About Skin Cancer

FAQs About Skin Cancer

Dr. Patricia McCormack can help manage your skin cancer in Staten Island, Linden, and Point Pleasant Beach, NY, and fight to keep you protected. If you fear that you have this condition or need to know more about how it develops, it is important to read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about how you are affected.

What Causes This Cancer?

Cancer of the skin occurs because of mutations of skin cells that spread rapidly and become cancerous tumors. These mutations may begin on your moles and occur because of UV ray exposure or other types of radiation problems. Other types of cancer may develop due to genetic predisposition. It is important to talk with your doctor if you notice any symptoms of this common disease.

Which Symptoms Should I Watch For?

You may have skin cancer if your moles change shape or color, become larger, or even move. It may also be cancer if it continues to spread across your skin and is painful to touch. Working with a cancer specialist can help you figure out what type is affecting you and get the treatment method you need.

How Many Cancer Types Are There?

Cancer on the skin includes basal cell carcinoma caused by sun exposure, which is the most common type in the nation. Squamous cell carcinoma develops later in life and occurs after lifelong sun exposure, such as in people with outdoor jobs. Melanoma occurs because of various mutations in the skin and is likely the most dangerous because it spreads very quickly.

Can This Cancer Get Treated?

This cancer can be treated using various options. For example, the affected skin may be removed, and the surrounding area treated to prevent regrowth. Other treatment methods include electrodesiccation, micrographic surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. After treatment, try to stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen when you can to prevent a relapse.

Will This Cancer Return?

Like any cancer, it is possible that skin tumors may return. Avoiding the sun, as we mentioned, is a great way to keep yourself safe. If you have a genetic predisposition toward cancer or a family history of skin diseases, make sure you visit your doctor regularly to get checked for this condition.

Take Care of Your Skin

If you have any more questions about this cancer and need help getting a diagnosis or treatment, call Dr. McCormack today to learn more. She can help you manage your skin cancer in Staten Island, NY, and teach you more about this problem. Call our Staten Island office at (718) 698-1616, our Linden office at (908) 925-8877, or our Point Pleasant Beach location at (732) 295-1331 to get started.

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